Karachi, Pakistan

Master Planning for a High-density, High-end 29 Million sft Seafront Development – Creating new possibilities for connectivity and porosity across the site to ensure maximized visual connection to the sea.


Project Area
75 Acres

Gross Area of the Project
29 Million sft

Estimated Population

FAR 1:6
(on entire 75 Acre Site)


  • Master planning of the 75 Acre site
  • Urban Design Guidelines for overall development
  • Evolution of the upcoming skyline of the project
  • Architectural Design guidelines for its built-form massing
  • Landscape Guidelines

*In collaboration with affiliate Group firms Promag and Infraplan
which offered Advisory & Infrastructure Design Services on the project.


The sea-front mixed-use development spanning over 75 acres comprises 30 high-rise towers which include a 5-star hotel, residential towers, serviced apartments, office, retail and an extensive public realm. The building skyline has been purposefully planned to provide spectacular panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the surrounding cityscape, from all parts of the development.

The mix of public/private areas are planned within the different zones of the development which are categorized by exclusivity and a spatial hierarchy resulting from their proximity to the beach. The conceptual focus of the master plan revolves around connectivity and porosity. An important requirement of the design brief, was the orientation of the maximum number of residences, towards the seafront. Hence, view corridors, have been strategically integrated into the masterplan to create breaks in the skyline, enhancing the visual connection to the seafront.

The proposed skyline evolved through a careful distribution of the specified volume and the systematic articulation of the built form. A major planning challenge was to manage the high FAR of 6 on the entire project site given the height limit of 500 feet. This resulted in a FAR of about 12 on an individual plot. Keeping in view the overall high volume of the project, a unique blend of building heights and varying floor-plates was proposed to create visual diversity and prevent the built landscape from appearing monotonous and cluttered. Special attention has been given to how the building ties with the urban fabric at the street level, in order to add the character of urban street life. Vertical and horizontal massing is articulated in a balanced manner allowing the project to organically fuse in with the streetscape.