Arete’s core values are rooted in striving towards excellence at all levels of operation. This has been the bedrock in creating an organization which provides comprehensive solutions and services, while pushing the bar of distinction further in its industry and rendering the organization unique and unparalleled.

Encompassing three distinct firms, the Group provides integrated services in Architecture, Urban Planning, Infrastructure & Engineering Design, Development Advisory and Project Management. In essence Arete offers a complete suite of services required to take a project from a Viable Concept to Delivery.

LOCii is Arete’s design firm, which has spent more than a decade in refining and redefining the specialist services in Architecture & Urban Planning which are pivotal for conceptualization and design derivation of large-scale development projects.

Company Philosophy

LOCii is a dedicated design firm with a key focus on ‘creating value’ while respecting the needs and aspirations of its client’s and end-users.

The Architectural Studio is a solution provider, tailoring projects to suit its client’s financial goals, without compromising on design aesthetics and quality. Its Architects and Planners adopt a ‘Viability-Driven Approach’ to ensure that projects of varying nature, function and complexities are delivered within budget and on time. In tandem with its Group companies, LOCii carries a unique in-house capability to undertake an extensive multidisciplinary coordination of large-scale projects.

We aim to create functional space and form, which offer enhanced experiential qualities to the end-user, create visual appeal as well as increase its real estate worth. Our design approach is based on a minimal, modern and contemporary design aesthetic with key focus on creating optimized spaces which are enriched with maximized vistas and natural lighting.

Distinctive Strengths

  • International and local experience of large-scale projects.
  • Delivery experience ranges from some of the tallest buildings to very large suburban satellite developments (exceeding 10,000 acres).
  • Qualified and experienced team of Architects and Urban Planners backed by quality multidisciplinary support from the Group’s associated firms.
  • Unique ability to plan holistically for large scale and mixed-use projects based on a capacity to project a complete solution through the Group’s resources.
  • Viability driven approach to maximize the productive yield of a development.
  • Experience of hospitality-based brand positioning for large mixed-use projects.
  • Experience of delivering projects across the entire socio-economic spectrum from affordable housing developments to high-end branded mixed use developments.
  • BIM Capability

Unique Capability offered through our Affiliate Firms

The company has the capacity to act as a Principal Consultant and leverage a complete range of services through its affiliate firms. These services include:

Development Advisory
& Project Management

Infrastructure Planning
& Engineering