Multan, Pakistan

Raising the benchmark – Thematic Villas & integrated Housing Estate


Total Project Area
200 Acres

Thematic Villas


  • Master Planning of the 200-acre community
  • Architectural Design of the Villas
  • Iconic Entrance Gate Design
  • Architectural Design of Amenity Buildings
  • Implementation Phase Services

*In collaboration with affiliate Group firm Infraplan
which offered Infrastructure Design Services on the project.


Dream Gardens Multan has been planned as dynamic, modern residential community.  It features a range of residential plots (ranging from 150 sqyds to 960 Sqyds) underpinned by ancillary facilities and amenities such as schools, a community center, parks, playgrounds, mosques etc.

The City of Multan, possesses a strong cultural and spiritual heritage and is rapidly becoming an influential political and economic center for the country. Hence, the overall design philosophy was to create a sense of identity for a community that aspires to be part of a ‘Modern Multan’, without losing respect for its historic past.

The design of the villas and other built products paid particular attention to core principles of spatial perception such as ‘light’, ‘space’ and ‘simplicity of form’. The motivation was to carry forward the simplicity and timelessness found in Multan’s built heritage structures and suitably infuse a modern language into the existing fabric of Multan.