Lahore, Pakistan

400-Acre Gated Housing Community featuring modern Thematic Villas and high-quality infrastructure


Total Project Area
400 Acres

Thematic Villa Design


  • Master Planning of the 400 acre community
  • Architectural Design of the Villas
  • Amenity Buildings
  • Implementation Phase Services


This 400-acre project consists of thematically designed villa clusters on varying plot sizes (ranging from 125 sqyds to 800 sqyds), complemented by strategically planned commercial nodes along the main road. The development also boasts an array of public amenities, including schools, community centers, parks, mosques, and healthcare facilities to cater to the needs of its residents.

The villas themselves are designed with clean building forms that provide maximum space efficiency. A distinctive design feature of the project is the use of louvres, not only for their aesthetic value but also to provide adequate screening and protection from direct sunlight. This attention to detail adds to the overall design of the buildings and also enhances the comfort of the residents.